Career Transition Services

At Weblynk, we understand the challenges of optimising the workforce and we offer our clients a comprehensive Career Transition Service (Outplacement). From planning the optimisation to designing an outplacement strategy, we guide and support our clients at every step. Our professional and completely tailored Career Transition Service aims to provide complete support to the employees (who are exiting the organization) at various levels. The programme is customised to the needs of the individual and assisted by a dedicated career coach.

We at Weblynk, have one of the best consultant-participant ratio that ensures every employee receives a one-on-one assistance for a more personalized experience. Our career coaches hold a detailed interaction with the employees to understand their aspirations, review their resume and work out a customized job search strategy for them, including identifying prospective employer and roles. Depending on individual needs, we also offer professional resume writing services and interview training sessions.

Benefits of Career Transition Services

  • Ensure exiting employees are treated in a sensitive and professional manner, leaving them with the feeling of having been dealt with fairly and humanely.
  • Help exiting employees deal effectively with the anxiety and fear many experience in accepting the news or in making the transition to a new career.
  • Encourage exiting employees to get focused sooner on what they do have control over (their future) rather than on what they do not (their past).
  • Maintain the morale of remaining employees by showing that the organization cares about its employees.
  • Equip exiting employees with the expertise, tools, techniques and support necessary to conduct a smooth and successful transition to a new career.