The per capita expenditure on Healthcare in India is continuously on a rise owing to greater awareness and better affordability. India has also become a favoured destination for medical tourism globally as it offers specialised services at very affordable cost by major hospitals housing specialist facilities for treatment for all diseases under one roof. The private sector are growing multifold to complement the government’s expenditure, which remains largely subsidised.

The fast pace of expansion in the sector has been fuelling the demand for skilled Healthcare experts and technicians in the industry. We, at Weblynk, understand the growing demand for skilled experts and key individuals and so have maintained industry contacts with the right talent to meet the specific human resource needs of our clients.

Our Services:

  • Customer Experience Management: Balance your customer experience and operational efficiency by making each interaction with customers easy, fulfilling, relevant, and transparent.
  • Risk and Compliance: Match compliance levels with regulatory and reporting requirements.
  • Alternate Application Support and Maintenance (ASM): Convert a cost-driven ASM service into a business-aligned, proactive, problem-solving function that delivers user satisfaction and lean resourcing.
  • Claims Management: Improves the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the claims administration process through claims analytics.
  • Policy Administration Systems: Leverage core systems technology that provides insurers with the insight and operational agility to build resilient customer-centric strategies.