Software Application Maintenance Services

Nowadays, more and more companies choose outsourcing as a proper way to do application maintenance. Successful outsourcing provides them increased effectiveness and client satisfaction.

Weblynk has rich expertise in providing Application Maintenance Services to our clients from different countries and business domains. We address applications coming from different business and technological areas, starting from simple client applications to mission-critical real-time solutions.

Our experience helps us implement with our clients delivery and engagement models, which ideally fit their processes and business needs. Leveraging our capabilities in Application Development and Infrastructure Management, we ensure optimal effectiveness of Application Maintenance Services.

The Most popular cases we deal with

  • We develop an application for the client and then perform Maintenance services for it. Typically, this case happens when the client decides to outsource to Weblynk all of the activities related to a certain application line.
  • We take over an application developed by the client. It happens when the client wants to increase the effectiveness of their application maintenance process or would like to concentrate own resources on other activities.
  • We take over an application developed for the client by other vendors. This scenario happens when the vendor, who developed the application, doesn’t provide Application Maintenance Services according to the client’s requirements.